Today was a tough day. I felt clumsy, awkward; everything felt like work. I can tell that I’m letting negative mind-talk get the better of me, psyching myself out of stuff I’ve been able to do before. I knew that the transition from rookie training to training with the B team would be challenging, but I don’t think I realised how big a part of the challenge would be mental. I’m certain that if I can just stick it out past the What the fuck am I even doing here?  thoughts and keep going to every practice, my abilities will start to improve. Sometimes it’s good to be reminded of how short a time you’ve been skating, and of the time and effort those awesome skaters had to put in to get where they are, which someone did for me today. And sometimes, just sometimes, it’s good to put your headphones in, crank up the volume and listen to the wise words of one T. Swift.

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