rib pain in roller derby

So far in my 9 months or so of roller derby I’ve been pretty lucky, injury-wise. Other than some shin pain related to cross-training, I’ve (touch wood) managed to avoid any injuries that would keep me off skates – until now. Last week I got taken out by an excellently executed shoulder to the ribs in an offence drill (I was bracing a three wall)… and by ‘taken out’ I mean down on the floor, catching my breath (like I said, excellently executed!).

I had a feeling that I’d come away with a rib injury – it’s actually the second time I’ve hurt my ribs during this particular drill – and sure enough, the next day I had that familiar sharp pain when laughing, coughing or taking a deep breath. A test sit-up confirmed that, yep, crunches were off the table for now. Optimistically, I still thought I’d probably be able to attend practice as usual. Then I turned over or twisted or did something funny in my sleep that hurt enough to wake me up, had a restless rest-of-the-night, and when I woke up I had to kind of… flop sideways off the bed onto the floor to get up. Because my core didn’t work any more. Bummer.

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