Month: March 2016

You Stink! Make Cheap Roller Skate and Trainer Deodorisers

skate fresheners

So I’m the kind of nerd who has giant industrial size bags of bicarbonate of soda (AKA baking soda) in her house for eco-friendly cleaning and junk. The cheapest way to buy  bicarb is to pick up one of these large bags off eBay, but you can pick up regular size tubs from just about any supermarket. Bicarb is great for sucking up moisture, which makes it ideal for dealing with sweaty skates and trainers. Adding a few drops of a fresh-smelling essential oil (I like tea tree) might just make you the best smelling person at practice.

What you’ll need to make a set of skate deodorisers:

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4 Lessons I Learned Playing in a Cherry Popper Tournament

Dolly Rockit Rollers first skate

What’s a cherry popper? 

Some people are okay with it; others find it cringe-worthy. Whatever you feelings about the nickname for rookie-level bouts, taking part in a ‘cherry popper’ is kind of a right of passage for new roller derby players. Limited to skaters with only a few bouts under their belt (generally  0-3 or 0-5), cherry poppers give newbies a chance to apply the skills they’ve learned so far to a real game situation, playing with and against similarly green skaters from other leagues. Some cherry poppers are tagged onto the beginning of higher-level bouts; sometimes – like the one we attended – they’re standalone events. We played short games in a tournament format – three teams, each playing two 30 minute games, with the team with the highest total points score being crowned the winner.

Some things I learned…

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