Month: September 2016

7 Simple Skate Adjustments for Absolute Newbies

Talking to one of our new rookies the other night made me remember how much of a mystery skates are when you first start out in roller derby. If you haven’t come from a skating background, how the heck would you know what all that business is below your boots? I’m not claiming to be an expert in this area, but I’ve picked up a few basic tricks in the past 18 months that I think it would have been handy to know at the start. Hopefully some other fledgling skaters will find this stuff useful!

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The Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast: Episode Two

Hell Yeah Roller Derby Podcast

That’s Robyn and me (left) goofing around painting plates like the cool kids we are.

Our second episode is out now! You can find it on iTunes, Soundcloud or your podcast app of choice.

In this episode we’re talking recruitment for roller derby with not one but two (!!) interviews with some seriously interesting women from Bristol Roller Derby and South West Angels of Terror (S.W.A.T), two leagues that have found innovative ways to improve their recruitment of rookie skaters. (Sidebar: We didn’t talk much about recruiting Officials this time around, but we think it’s a really interesting topic so expect a future episode on recruiting refs and NSOs!)

Our first episode generated some interesting discussion about cherry popper games on our own Facebook threads, and made us realise that we hadn’t created a space for people to put in their two cents about the issue covered in an episode. So now we have a Facebook page! Go there are tell and us what recruitment techniques worked for your league, people you’d like us to talk to in future episodes, or just how daft you find my faux American accent.

Listen on itunes or Soundcloud.

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