So it appears I’m one of those slightly annoying, mildly obsessive types who – when I find a new passion – likes to go Full Geek on it. Not just Do The Thing, like a normal person, but read the books, scour the websites, buy the t-shirt… and, apparently, write a blog.

I started roller derby rookie training (AKA fresh meat) in March 2015 and was instantly hooked. I knew pretty quickly that roller derby was something I wanted to get invested in. To paraphrase the great Ron Swanson, I don’t want to half-ass two things, I want to whole-ass one thing: roller derby. Basically I want to Leslie Knope it. In the space of a few months, I’ve somehow gone from being someone who rarely, if ever, thought about roller derby, to someone who looks forward to practice every week, bookmarks endless skating technique videos and has playing in the background whenever possible…

Hi, my name is Jess (AKA Jeff Goldboom #64) and I’m addicted to roller derby.

Full disclosure: I’m really new to this, and certainly in no position to advise anyone else on this awesome, complicated sport. But although I’m no expert, I am a crazily curious newbie who gets way too much enjoyment out of researching things to death. So, for the most part, this blog will be about recording my own journey from clueless beginner to (hopefully! one day!) someone who plays competitively and (kind of) knows what they’re talking about. I have A TON of questions about roller derby, so it will also act as a kind of scrapbook for keeping everything I find out in one place.  If all this effort I’m putting into researching derby stuff can be useful to someone else then, well, that would be pretty sweet.

In August 2016, I levelled up my obsession and started a roller derby podcast with an equally obsessed friend, Nuclear Vinter #321.

Questions? Comments? General musings? Get in touch! 

Photo credit: Valentin sama